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Jinhua strong biological technology co., LTD
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Our company is specialized is engaged in the research and development of in vitro diagnostic reagents, production, sales and technical services of biomedical science and technology enterprises, with strong technology research and product development capabilities. Company has in line with the GMP standard of 100000 grade purification workshop, Hitachi automatic biochemical analyzer, mindray BS400 automatic biochemical analyzer, Hitachi CR212GIII type high-speed refrigerated centrifuge, ultrasonic crusher, vacuum freezing and drying machine and other advanced production and testing equipment.

Company existing staff 36 people, college degree or above 28 people, technical personnel, mainly engaged in biological pharmaceutical, biological engineering, hospital inspection, to learn to give priority to. 7 existing research and technical personnel, has a certain research and development ability, has developed more than 90 products in vitro diagnostic reagents, including 53 products have been issued by the state food and drug administration approval number; Now there are more than 30 new products research and development, is actively declare to the state food and drug administration. Company leading product innovation application of nanometer materials combined with monoclonal antibody of interdisciplinary technology, to overcome such as using the two kinds of different particle size of nanometer microspheres package is monoclonal antibody, improve sensitivity and linear range of products and application in the reagent 2 strains of monoclonal antibody, in order to improve the specificity and sensitivity of the reaction and other technical difficulties.

The company now has seven patents of utility model and 1 invention patent; In 2014 was named jinhua city wu patent demonstration enterprises. In 2014 was rated as small and mid-sized enterprise of zhejiang province, jinhua city, high-tech enterprises. In 2015 national high and new technology enterprise applications and to go through. Powerful creatures with "science and technology leading, quality assurance, continuous innovation" as the quality policy, continue to develop new technology, new products, high quality, high level of professional team, cooperate with friends from all walks of life, make contribution to the cause of human health.

Enterprise idea

Unity and enterprising, expand innovation, high quality, people-oriented, practical.

Corporate mission

To the user, continuously improve the quality of the products and services, to continuously improve the innovation, to meet the needs of users, exceed customer expectations.

To employees: actively provide reasonable remuneration, learning training opportunities, diversified road of development, good work atmosphere.

The enterprise values

Care about love, respect for respect, play development, contribute to society.

Enterprise vision

Continuous innovation, and become a vital force in the field.